How to choose a size for your stickers or labels (if you’re unsure)

If you’d like some custom stickers or labels, but you aren’t sure about the size, don’t worry. It’s a common predicament. 

After all, it’s pretty difficult to visualize numerical measurements. If we were to say 4 x 7 inches, for example, or 10 x 17 cm, it’s hard to accurately imagine that size in your mind.

The same problem occurs in reverse. If you can visualize the perfect size for your sticker or label in your mind, how can you translate that into height and width dimensions for printing?

Establishing a real sense of size

What we recommend is to gain a visual sense of size with something you can see in front of you.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by taking a pen, piece of paper, ruler and pair of scissors. All you have to do is draw out the size that looks good to you, cut it out and then hold it up as a template. If you find it too large or small, re-draw and try again.

Creating a template like this is important, as seeing a size on a computer, or even drawing a shape on a piece of paper, doesn’t always give an accurate sense of size. It needs to be something you can hold in your hand and see from multiple angles as if it were a real sticker or label.

Once you’re happy with how the template size looks, use the ruler to measure its height and width. That’s it! You now have your dimensions ready to obtain a quote and get your stickers printed.

If you’re still unsure, or it’s a particularly complex shape to measure, just let us know. We’ll do our very best to recommend some suitable sizes.

Choosing a size and shape for labels

This same method can work for product labels, too. For example, if you have a bottle you would like to label, you can cut out paper templates and place them over the bottle until you create one that fits just right. Once you’ve done that, take the measurements.

This is a particularly good way of figuring out the size – and also the shape – when the label is being placed on curved items.

Other methods for helping to choose your sticker or label size

If you don’t have paper, scissors and a ruler to hand, there are other methods you can use to gain a visual sense of size.

One great way is to use everyday objects around you, such as coins, bills, notes and even items in your wallet or purse, such as a mobile phone or credit card. A quick search online will reveal the dimensions of most of these items. For example, a credit card is usually around 8.5cm × 5.4cm (3.375 in × 2.125 in).

From there, you can place these objects in front of you and use them to help you plan the ideal size for your sticker or label. Coins are particularly useful for this, as you can put them side-by-side on a table to build a shape, and then multiply the diameter of the coin by however many coins there are along the width and height.

These methods may not give you an exact height and width, but they can certainly help you to decide if you have no other methods available.

Once you’ve settled on a size, it’s time for a quote!

Head over to our quote form where we’ll be able to give you a free, no-obligation quote for your sticker size in any shape, finish and quantity you’re interested in.


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