Die Cut Stickers

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  • Stickers individually die cut to any custom shape and size on polypropylene vinyl or paper

  • Laser cutting for a flawless edge and high-res printing for superb detail and colour

  • We’ll beat any like-for-like quote and offer free shipping in the US and worldwide

  • Custom shape stickers
  • Kiss cut stickers

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To achieve the best quality die cut stickers, we rely on two important processes:

High-resolution printing

With our class-leading Xeikon presses, we can print your artwork with razor sharp detail and rich colours for a truly impressive finish.

Laser die cutting

Laser die cutting provides a smoother edge, allows for extremely intricate custom shapes, and is much more efficient so we can offer you even lower prices.

If you have a design already, all you have to do is send it over and identify where you would like the outline of the cut to be made. No design yet? We can create that for you with our in-house design service.

Whether you need vinyl, paper, gloss or matt in any size, we’ll give you die cut stickers that contour around your design with pretty much any custom shape imaginable!

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote for die cut sticker printing. You can enjoy free shipping in the USA and worldwide. There’s also our guarantee, we promise to beat any like-for-like quote you find anywhere else.


The efficiency of our presses allows us to keep quality high and costs low


We only use Xeikon presses for the pinnacle of detail and colour


Sizes, shapes, finishes, materials and quantities – get every detail perfect

Free Shipping

Fast turnaround as standard with free shipping in the US and worldwide

Die cut stickers involve a die cutting tool that cuts a custom outline so the edge of your sticker contours around your design.

With this process we can also create individually cut stickers, so they can either be supplied on rolls, sheets, or separated so they can be handled one-by-one.

Printed die cut sticker uses

This type of sticker is useful for when you have a custom shaped artwork but don’t want any plain background visible. It really emphasizes the design and enhances professionalism to impress your target audience.

It’s also suitable when they are required in individual units with the backing still applied. This allows your audience to take them away and only peel the sticker off to reveal the sticky side when they wish to do so.

With die cut, each sticker is ready to be distributed individually – right out of the box. That’s what makes them particularly useful for merchandising, branding, design and signage purposes.

Why laser die cutting?

Rotary die cutting uses a sharpened tool that traces around your design to cut through the material. As you can imagine, this can be a very time consuming process if you have an intricate custom shape and require many thousands of stickers.

A laser, on the other hand, uses a precise beam to cut through the material. This enables it to move much faster, providers a cleaner cut and allows for more complex shapes where there’s no risk of a metal die tearing the material at fragile points. A laser simply glides straight through.

That’s how we offer die cut stickers that not only look impressive, but come at a very affordable price too. So affordable, in fact, that we guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote you find elsewhere!

  • All shapes, sizes and finishes available
  • Laser cutting for improved cost-efficiency and better contouring
  • Stickers supplied individually with the shaped backing paper still applied
  • Choose from polypropylene vinyl (waterproof) or paper (more cost-effective)
  • Easy to upload your artwork and confirm the die cut lines
  • High resolution Xeikon printing