Vinyl Stickers & Decals

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  • Vinyl sticker printing with polypropylene vinyl – extra durable and fully weatherproof

  • Choose any shape, size and finish with razor sharp clarity and vibrant color

  • We’ll beat any like-for-like quote for vinyl stickers and offer free shipping in the US and worldwide

  • Labels 2
  • Diamond shaped stickers
  • Product labels
  • Logo stickers
  • Clear Stickers on rolls

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Our focus is to personalize your vinyl stickers to your needs, and offer the finest quality printing so they impress your target audience. It’s as simple as that.

You can choose any shape, size and finish, including matt or gloss laminate. We even offer completely custom, die-cut shapes if you’re looking for something a little different.

We’ll then print your artwork on polypropylene vinyl that is waterproof, weatherproof, UV-resistant, scratch resistant and tear resistant. This ensures that your stickers or decals are super tough and fit for almost any purpose.

Don’t have any artwork yet? We can even create that for you with our in-house designers.

As for our printing, we only use the latest Xeikon print presses in high-resolution with weatherproof toners. This results in exceptional colour and detail that will last in any indoor or outdoor conditions.

Contact us today for a vinyl sticker printing quote where we promise to beat any like-for-like price with free US and worldwide shipping available.


The efficiency of our presses allows us to keep quality high and costs low


We only use Xeikon presses for the pinnacle of detail and colour


Sizes, shapes, finishes, materials and quantities – get every detail perfect

Free Shipping

Fast turnaround as standard with free shipping in the US and worldwide

The name vinyl originally came from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC

However, we at Sticker Printing Direct, like most other vinyl sticker makers, have moved on to using polypropylene (PP) vinyl instead.

Why? Because PVC contains chlorine, which is a toxic gas. If you burned a PVC vinyl sticker, it would release harmful toxins. However, with PP, its main elements are carbon and hydrogen, so burning it would only release water and carbon dioxide.

Polypropylene vinyl stickers are therefore much safer for people and the environment. Polypropylene is also 100% recyclable (unlike PVC) and still has all the properties ideal for stickers and decals:

  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • UV-resistant
  • Tear-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • A smooth print surface for enhanced print sharpness
  • Generally tough and durable

What about paper vs vinyl for stickers?

While paper can be more cost-effective, it’s nowhere near as durable or waterproof as polypropylene vinyl. For example, a personalized vinyl sticker will usually peel off a surface in one piece, whereas paper is likely to rip and even leave a messy residue that has to be scraped off.

Custom uses

Printed vinyl stickers are perfect for promotional materials to advertise any product, service, business, brand or event. They also provide a quality finish ideal for logo or merchandizing purposes.

They can also be used for information and signage, where the vinyl’s extra-durable properties make them ideal for years of indoor or outdoor use. And as we offer any shape, size and finish, you’ll be able to tailor your stickers and decals to your exact needs.

  • Any size, shape and finish
  • Optional gloss or matt lamination
  • Can be supplied on rolls, on sheets, individually cut or die-cut
  • Polypropylene vinyl that’s waterproof, UV-resistant and tear-resistant
  • Non-toxic and friendly to the environment
  • Strong vinyl adhesive which still allows your stickers to be removed without residue if required
  • Upload your own artwork, or our graphics team can create a design for you