Vehicle Stickers

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  • Vehicle sticker printing in any shape & size for trucks, vans, cars, bikes and SUVs

  • High-res printing on Polypropylene vinyl – fully weatherproof for years of use

  • Fast turnaround, a price-beat guarantee and free US/worldwide shipping available

  • Vehicle sticker on door
  • Vehicle sticker in car window
  • Bumper sticker

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Our custom vehicle stickers & decals are made for the road

Choose ANY size and shape, and we’ll print on durable polypropylene vinyl which is waterproof, weatherproof, UV resistant and tear-resistant to last tens of thousands of miles with ease.

We also use special weatherproof adhesive that provides a firm hold but can still be removed without residue to leave your paintwork looking as good as new.

They’re perfect for the body of your car or other vehicle. They can also be used on the inside or outside of vehicle windows. Choose from an opaque sticker or a clear one with a see-through background to blend into the body or window.

Got a design? We’ll print it. Don’t have one? We can create that for you too. Either way, it will be printed with our Xeikon presses for exceptional detail and colour to really get noticed.

Contact us today for a quick quote where we guarantee to beat any like-for-like price you find elsewhere. All with quick turnaround and free US and worldwide shipping available.


The efficiency of our presses allows us to keep quality high and costs low


We only use Xeikon presses for the pinnacle of detail and colour


Sizes, shapes, finishes, materials and quantities – get every detail perfect

Free Shipping

Fast turnaround as standard with free shipping in the US and worldwide

The great thing about custom vehicle stickers and decals is that they can turn any vehicle into an effective promotional tool. Draw more attention to your business, brand or event just by driving around!

We print stickers for cars, trucks, SUVs and any other vehicle for a number of purposes, including:

  • Promoting a brand or business (vehicle signage)
  • Displaying contact details and logos
  • Promoting an interest as merchandise
  • For information purposes such as warnings and guidance for commercial vehicles

Whether it needs to be on the inside of the vehicle on the dashboard, on the outside of the vehicle on the bodywork, or even on a car window, the polypropylene material and adhesive we use is safe for all purposes and guarantees a firm hold for years of use.

We also use specialist print toners for our polypropylene vinyl to make sure they’re fully weatherproof and UV-resistant. This minimises sun degradation even in the brightest of summers so you can drive around with confidence.

And with any shape and size, you could have small button stickers, through to custom bumper stickers, or even large-sized vehicle decals to turn your car, truck or bike into a fully branded machine.

Standard or clear stickers for vehicles available

Our opaque decals and stickers can come in any shape (including completely custom shapes). Alternatively, we offer clear versions with transparent vinyl so the background blends into your window or bodywork. The choice is yours!

  • Any shape, size and finish including fully customized shapes
  • Polypropylene vinyl that is weatherproof, UV-resistant, waterproof and extremely durable
  • All materials, adhesives and toners are safe for car windows and paint on bodywork
  • Can be removed and cleaned up if required with no leftover residue
  • Choose from standard stickers and decals, or clear if you want a see-through background
  • Reverse printing available for vehicle windows so they can be stuck on the inside facing out
  • Three supply options: on rolls, on sheets or individually cut