Window Stickers

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  • Window stickers in any shape and size with your own artwork or a free design

  • Clear or opaque waterproof vinyl with permanent or easy-remove adhesive for glass

  • Printing with quick turnaround, free US and worldwide shipping, and a price beat guarantee

  • Window sticker
  • Diamond shaped stickers
  • Metallic effect stickers
  • Brand label on candle

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Our window stickers and decals are perfect for all types of signage or promotion

You can choose any shape, size and finish. You can also upload your artwork or receive a free design from our team.

When it comes to materials, you can choose a standard opaque sticker, or go for clear with a see-through background so it blends perfectly with the glass. And as we use polypropylene vinyl, they’ll be waterproof, weatherproof and UV resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

You can also choose between permanent or easy-remove adhesive, so your stickers can be easily peeled away without residue if required.

On top of that, your window stickers will be printed in high-resolution with our flagship Xeikon print presses. This delivers outstanding clarity, detail and colour to help each sticker stand out and get noticed.

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The efficiency of our presses allows us to keep quality high and costs low


We only use Xeikon presses for the pinnacle of detail and colour


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Fast turnaround as standard with free shipping in the US and worldwide

Window decals and stickers are a fantastic way to turn glass into a promotional tool for your business.

Typically, windows draw more eye attention than walls or other plain surfaces (we instinctively look through them dozens of times every day), so they allow far better positioning within the line of sight to stand out and get noticed.

These stickers also allow advertising opportunities that traditional stickers do not. For example, many doors, shop fronts and even office fronts are floor-to-ceiling glass, so the only way to get a promotional message in the right place is to use a window sticker.

What makes window stickers different?

Custom stickers for windows have a number of attributes that makes them more suitable for glass. Firstly, we only use polypropylene vinyl and specialist toners that are waterproof, weatherproof, UV resistant and tear-resistant. This means you can use them inside or out where they will last for years in all weather conditions.

UV resistance is particularly important as the sun can degrade colors surprisingly quickly without it. Tear-resistance is also an essential property as it allows the stickers to be peeled off the window with one pull.

Secondly, there’s the adhesive. Permanent adhesive provides a strong hold that is intended for long-term use, although it can still be removed without residue if required. Alternatively there is easy-remove adhesive. This is similar to static cling. It will hold firm for as long as required (even outdoors), but can be peeled off easily with no residue.

Other important properties include the option of clear vinyl (so the background is see-through to blend in with the window), and reverse printing. This is where the design is printed on the sticky side so your window sticker can be placed on the inside of the glass facing outwards (through the glass) if you prefer.

Popular uses

Many of our customers use them as window decals for business purposes. For example, as signage in a shop window or front-facing window wall. They’re perfect for promotional use, as well as informational use (such as displaying warnings or instructions about the use of a building).

With the ability to choose any size, and our guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote, it’s well worth giving us a call to see how affordable your window sticker printing could be.

  • Any shape, size and finish
  • Any shape, including completely custom shapes
  • Polypropylene vinyl – waterproof, weatherproof, tear-resistant and UV-resistant
  • Permanent adhesive – extra-strong hold, but can still be removed without residue if required
  • Easy-remove adhesive – similar to static cling. Holds firm, but can be peeled away easily.
  • Opaque or clear with optional white ink backing available for extra vibrancy
  • Reverse printing available so each window sticker faces away or through the glass
  • Provided on rolls, on sheets or individually cut